Sun is Good for the Soul ?

Not just mentally but also physically. I just moved to Florida for my first full-time clinical and I’ve been soaking up every bit of this sunshine state since I got here. Hence the reason for this post ?
Vitamin D is a nutrient that is essential for human health. The main source for most people is Mr. Sun himself.

There are a plethora of good benefits associated with Vitamin D, but did you know it can also improve insulin secretion and sensitivity? Me either until I did some digging around in some research articles ?

I searched through multiple journal articles, but one pretty much summed up most of what I found. According to a journal titled, Vitamin D and Diabetes, “both animal and human studies support the notion that adequate vitamin D supplementation may decrease the incidence of type 1 and possibly also of type 2 diabetes mellitus and may improve the metabolic control in the diabetes state. However, the exact mechanisms are not clear and need further investigation.” Now I’m not saying that a deficiency in Vitamin D caused your diabetes, but it is something to be aware of. Here’s why.

Vitamin D improves insulin action by stimulating insulin receptors, enhances insulin responsiveness for glucose transport, and has an indirect effect on insulin action via a calcium effect on insulin secretion, which is all needed for optimized glucose metabolism.

Also it’s important to know we are at risk for Vitamin D deficiency. The metabolism of Vitamin D requires conversion in the liver and kidney (and a whole bunch of other enzyme processes) before biological actions can occur. Thus, diabetics with liver or kidney problems due to complications with diabetes are at high risk for deficiency.

To sum up everything: sun is good for your Vitamin D production but BE CAREFUL. You want adequate sun exposure, but don’t want to burn because that’s a whole different story. It’s recommended that 5-30 minutes of sun exposure at least 2x/week will help boost your body’s natural production?

Just out of curiosity… do you live in an area where there isn’t much sun?

Do you notice a high number of diabetics living in your area?