Sometimes You Have a Bad Day…

¿Do you ever have days where you look & feel like Edward does in this picture?

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes my diabetes can be more than I can handle. Yesterday was one of those days…


My day started out great. I woke up with a great blood sugar and I was ready to tackle my first quiz. Right as I was heading to class, I got a raging headache and I started to feel extremely dizzy.

To my surprise, my blood sugar was tanking fast. There was no time to relax-I popped a couple of glucose tabs and began my quiz.

Taking my quiz with low blood sugar was extremely difficult. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) occurs when there’s not enough glucose in your body. Without glucose, your body and most importantly your brain, don’t have the energy it needs to function properly. Now imagine trying to take an exam with little-to-no brain power?

Great timing, ‘beetus

My blood sugar was low most of the day yesterday, leaving me physically and mentally drained. For my PTs and future PT students out there, if you’re working with the diabetes population, please make sure you’re aware of the signs and symptoms of low blood sugar. This could affect their overall care and functional ability during their therapy session. If your patient isn’t comprehending what you’re doing or seems dazed and confused, stop treatment and make sure their blood sugar levels are within range.

Hypoglycemia can occur quickly and can happen without warning. If something doesn’t seem “right”, take the initiative to be proactive in these situations. It’s important to understand the body AND brain are both affected with low blood sugar.


PT school doesn’t wait up for low blood sugar-it just keeps on rolling. I will continue to advocate for students who are diabetic because studying and taking exams with no brain fuel is difficult.

But hey, we’re doing it ?

If you have any tricks and tips on how you prepare before an exam, please comment below! I would love to hear them.