Rest, Rest, REPEAT

Most days, my life is as crazy as my hair??
Between school, work, and my social life, I feel like I never have any time to myself. Going into this weekend I had absolutely no plans. I had 48 hours to do whatever I wanted, so I took a pause of my crazy schedule and gave my diabetes the love it deserves.

I can’t tell you the last time I felt this kind of freedom and I love it.

This weekend I was able to:
?sleep in
?meal prep
✨catch up with friends & family
?focus on things for Sugar B
?connect with strangers
☀️and soak up some glorious sunshine

I got ready for the week ahead and it feels great?

Fun fact: cortisol is the stress hormone. It’s released when your body is under stress, such as running away from bee or when you’re late to work?‍♀️ This hormone ⬆️ blood sugars by tapping into stored glucose storages in the liver. This extra sugar is released to give an extra “boost” needed to overcome stress.

It will continue to be released until the pancreas comes to the rescue and releases insulin, which then converts the sugar back into the cells for storage.

For non-diabetics, this stress mechanism works pretty well.

⚠️For diabetics, it’s a nightmare⚠️

When you’re constantly on “the go”, your body is under constant stress. Your body is trying to help but it responds by releasing more cortisol, causing a constant uphill battle between you and your diabetes?

This weekend I’ve experienced more lows than normal and I think it’s because I’ve been pretty chill all weekend?‍♂️

My stress level is at an all time low and I can see the positive effect it has on my numbers. I’m working full-time but I’m eating better, exercising more, and getting more sleep than I have in months. All of this helps with stress reduction and ultimately, the ⬇️ of my blood sugars.

Stress can be a tricky player in this game of diabetes but it’s important to give your diabetes the love it deserves so you can be ready to tackle the week ahead?
How do you prepare for the upcoming week? Do you give your body time to rest or are you always moving on to the next thing on the agenda?

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