News Flash: Sugar is Addictive

News flash: sugar is addictive
It’s okay, I’m addicted too. And no it’s not because of my diabetes.

I’m addicted because I’m a sweet vs. salty kind-of-girl. Give me a cookie or anything with sprinkles and I will love you forever.

However, I’ve been recently learning disturbing facts about this delicious ingredient from my clinical instructor who has been researching this topic for over 20 years (he’s amazing!). The information is shocking and I believe you all need to hear it too.

With every post, I’m going to share an important piece that is crucial to living a healthy lifestyle. All of these facts are researched-based information and used by therapists at ReQuest physical therapy to help educate patients on living a healthier lifestyle and improving overall quality of life?

With each piece, I’ll share my experiences with diabetes and my journey with this program. I’ve made a conscious decision to reduce my sugar intake and begin the steps to ween myself off my addiction.

It’s been shown that mechanisms in your brain that causes addiction can be reset after 2 weeks, so that is my goal: 2 weeks.

Yesterday I did the first step: I threw away all things that were toxic and filled my kitchen with healthy greens and fibrous foods??????

My question: who wants to start taking control of their life today?

If you’re still not convinced, here is the one fact of the day: Refined processed foods, such as cakes, crackers and pasta contain ⬆️ fat.Excess fat releases hormones and can cause inflammation to run wild inside your body. This inflammation causes pain and can actually cause more accumulation of fat to occur. This process is the foundation for chronic illnesses, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

I don’t know about you, but that makes me look at a cookie differently. I don’t want inflammation anywhere near my body.

I’m going to do this little challenge for 2 weeks and see the changes that occur to my body and diabetes control.
Would anyone like to join? I would love an accountability partner ?

Comment below any questions you might have or if you would like to join me in this journey??✨