Lancet Change Monday

What is a lancet you might ask?

A lancet is a sharp needle that pricks through the skin in order to administer blood. This blood is then tested with a glucose monitor to check blood sugar.

This is a tool that usually gets no love compared to the insulin pump or glucose meter but it’s an important part of diabetes management.

For the past 14 years, I’ve pricked my finger with this tool +30,000 times. If you look closely, you can see these battle scars in my fingertips🤘🏻 Changing out the lancets are important because it can help guard against infection, changes in the skin, and painful finger pricks when the needle is dull. I hate to admit it but this is something I don’t do religiously…🤪 However, after joining this awesome dia-community I realized how important it is to change your lancet sites. I ended up ordering new lancets after my diabetes appointment and plan on switching out my old for new ones.

Staying sanitary is crucial to help reduce the risk of getting sick-especially during flu season! Take the extra steps to protect yourself and your health

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