I Co-Treat with My Diabetes?

My number one goal when treating a patient is safety.

Sometimes my diabetes wants to challenge this goal by throwing me high and low curve balls. This is why I need to be disciplined and on my A-game when working with others.

However, as you all know, that is not always easy living with diabetes?

Last week, my diabetes picked a fight with me during a treatment for a patient who was post stroke. About 5 mins into the session, I started to feel dizzy, shaky, and confused. I knew my blood was going low but didn’t want to accept it.

In that moment I didn’t want my problems getting in the way of my patient’s treatment.

I felt completely helpless but I knew if I allowed my blood sugar to continue to drop that I would be putting my patient’s safety in jeopardy. And for that reason alone, I had to swallow my pride and ask for help from my clinical instructor.

She was completely understanding and took over as I ran to get sugar. Fifteen minutes later my sugars were on the uppity up and I was stable enough to finish the treatment.

I tell you this story because I struggle with this diabetic pride. I never want my diabetes to get in the way of my everyday life and I especially don’t want others to stop their lives to help me… but episodes like this DO and WILL happen from time to time and I’m learning to accept this reality.

Diabetes is a part of who I am and it comes with the unexpected challenges that constantly keeps life interesting. This is a good learning lesson for me because I often push my limits when it comes to my own body, but it’s humbling to know my sugars can not only affect me but the people around me.

Have you ever had a moment like this where you had to swallow your pride and take care of yourself before helping others, whether it was for your child, a loved one, or a patient?
And how did you overcome that challenge?

Please know it’s okay to ask for a little help from friends sometimes.

And always remember you’re never alone in this crazy, unpredictable journey we call life ?