Exercise is Key

Here are my blood sugars pre and post-workout and then 30 mins after completing my exercise.

The active insulin was leftover from breakfast about 3 hours prior and I didn’t take a correction for my 321 mg/dL before working out. All I did was exercise for 45 mins and look at the results.

Pretty neat, Huh?

My exercise always consists of a mixture of cardio and resistance training. I’ve learned with my new Medtronic 670g pump that I can no longer run long distances without my blood sugars going low. To make sure I still get my cardio in, I complete short bursts of exercise, such as running or jumps. This makes my heart happy, while also limiting my lows

For me, resistance training is the best exercise for my diabetes management. It doesn’t cause my numbers to drastically drop and it helps to keep me relatively level throughout the workout. Resistance training helps improve muscular strength and reduces your body’s insulin resistance

These types of exercises are what works well for me and managing my blood sugar level. However, there are a plethora of different workouts to choose from?‍♀️?‍♀️?️‍♂️⛹️‍♀️??‍♂️

The type of insulin therapy you’re on and other lifestyle changes could affect your blood sugars during a workout, so it’s important to play around with different options and choose one that is best for YOU.

Some tips when working out that have worked for me:

•Check blood sugar before the start of a workout This helps to catch potential low blood sugar before it occurs.

•Always carry a snack in case you do go low ?

• Let your trainer or workout partner know of your symptoms when having low blood sugar Sometimes when you drop quickly, you’re body doesn’t realize you’re low. Having someone there who knows your symptoms can prevent a hypoglycemic event from occurring.

•¡HAVE FUN! Never be discouraged to workout. Be prepared for lows and plan ahead.

With time, you’ll find what works best with your body and its needs

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