Enough is Enough

Insulin keeps me alive. Without it, I would die. I’m 1 out of the 7.5 million Americans that rely on insulin to live.

It’s no secret that insulin costs have drastically risen in the last 10 years. A months worth of insulin might range from $100-1200. Depending on a variety of different factors, insulin prices can vary.

In the US, insulin prices are not regulated by the government. Instead, prices are regulated a long list of supply-chain players, such as the insulin manufacturer, insurance companies, and pharmacies.

Bottom line: diabetics across the country are paying different amounts for their insulin because there is no regulation.

I’m fortunate to be under my momma’s insurance. Pictured here is my 1-month supply of insulin: $663.99. With insurance, it came out to be $30 for this month.

As a 25-year-old graduate student, it will be interesting to see what policies will change before I turn 26 and I’m no longer on her insurance. Without insurance, there is no way I could afford ~$700/month. With this price, I would need an extra $8,400 just for my insulin… And that is not including everything else that controls my diabetes management, such as pump supplies, meter strips and needles, and doctors appointments every 3 months (which is also very costly!).

People all across the country are dying because they don’t have the means to pay for insulin. People are rationing their insulin supply in order to make their supply last longer. This is a dangerous situation and puts someone at high risk for diabetic ketoacidosis, or commonly known as, DKA. This is a serious and life-threatening emergency and can cause eventually cause death if not treated quickly.

Something has to change or there will be more deaths due to skyrocketing insulin costs. For people with diabetes, access to affordable insulin is a matter of life and death. It’s inhumane to place a price tag this high on a life-dependent drug.

Please help make our voices heard and help in the fight for more affordable insulin. Take action today and sign the petition so more innocent lives aren’t taken too soon!

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