Diabetes & Jack Frost

The temperatures are dropping but my blood sugars are rising ❄️

¿Is there a correlation between the two?

I believe there might be.

Excessive cold, like the cold experienced by Jack Frost this week, stresses the body. When your body is stressed, it releases “survival hormones”, such as adrenaline & cortisol.

These hormones cause the liver to release more stored glycogen into the bloodstream, which ultimately, raises blood sugar levels.

Extreme temperatures are something you don’t think about as affecting blood sugar levels, but temperatures affect your hormones release-which is a big bully to the blood sugars.

Even though the weather is beyond our control, it’s important to realize it can have an effect on our sugars so we can be one step ahead of that pesky Jack Frost ?❄️
Sending lots of warm hugs to everyone on this Thursday?

2 thoughts on “Diabetes & Jack Frost

  1. Sometimes I feel like such a fraud because I literally never paid attention to any possible correlations to reasons why my sugar would be acting up. Now that I’m part of this amazing type 1 community, I see people mention their period gives their sugars a hard time, weather etc. I also just learned that by taking a hot shower, it can help your sugar drop faster. My mind has been blown LOL xo The Trendy Diabetic

    1. Yes, it’s so crazy how EVERY LITTLE THING can affect your blood sugars! But it’s important to be made aware and to know it’s okay if it’s hard to manage because life happens 🙂 Thank you for reaching out <3

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