Diabetes & Alcohol

Oh, he knows the keys to my heart: flowers & a low-carb drink in my hand ?

But real talk…let’s talk about alcohol and diabetes.

This is always a touchy subject for some. I’m not in any way promoting alcohol consumption. However, if you’re over the age of 21 and you would like to have a beverage or two, here are some helpful hints so you can enjoy your night out without the ‘Beetus cutting it too short.

1. Drinking puts you more at risk for ? blood sugar.
This occurs because your liver is busy detoxifying the alcohol and spending less attention to releasing stored sugar if your blood were to go low.

2. Drinking can also put you at risk for ? blood sugar.
Most alcohols are quickly metabolized into glucose and sent directly to the bloodstream. This causes a quick rise in blood sugars, especially if you’re a fan of the Pina Coladas & Margaritas?

3. When you drink, you can become less aware of how your body feels and less coordinated.?‍♂️
This can be very dangerous if your blood sugar were to suddenly change and you don’t have the sense to properly take care of yourself.

My advice: Never drink alone!
Always go out with someone who recognizes the signs & symptoms of ?? blood sugars and knows how to treat you in case you’re not capable.

4. Always carry a sugary snack with you in case you have a sudden drop in blood sugar and you’re not near any place to get food or drinks. I always carry glucose tabs in my purse.

5. Test your blood sugar before and after you go out (if able). Do not continue to drink if your sugar is extremely ?? and make sure your blood sugar is at a normal range before going to bed.

6. Eat a meal that is slow-digesting before going out. This can help prevent low blood sugar and allows your body to metabolize the alcohol more effectively.

Don’t let your diabetes get in the way of your night out. Prepare ahead, have a plan in case of emergencies, and always drink with a trusty friend! It’s always more fun that way anyway?

I try to stick to the low-carb beers & Vodka Tonics to prevent sugar spikes.

I would love to hear what you might drink on a night out.