Warning: Viewer Discretion is Advised.

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This is real talk⚠️ To make a long story short, I came home from Ecuador with more than great memories.After arriving back home, I fell really sick and ended up being diagnosed with a double whammy of the flu and hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD). I’ve been away from school for the past week […]


Pants with side pockets are my jam ?‍

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Why? I love my pumper but having something attached to your side at all times gets old-real quick. The only downfall about this wardrobe trick is the fact your tubing is now exposed to the outside world. I’ve had my tubing ripped out this way more times then I would like to admit (door handles […]


I Co-Treat with My Diabetes?

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My number one goal when treating a patient is safety.Sometimes my diabetes wants to challenge this goal by throwing me high and low curve balls. This is why I need to be disciplined and on my A-game when working with others.However, as you all know, that is not always easy living with diabetes? Last week, […]